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Welcome to! On this site we have collected a lot of information about different kinds of actors and acting, along with how to get into acting. We have tried to provide this information in a cohesive, easy-to-learn-from format. Hopefully you find answers to some of your questions here.

Movies and theater are the two most common places for actors/actresses to find outlets for their talent. Many actors will have some experience in both even though there is a large difference in methodology. There are different places where actors generally go if they are best at one of the other. Those who have an affinity for screen acting will generally head to the Los Angeles area, and those whose true talent is on the stage often end up in New York.

We love actors and their productions because they transport us to a different place for awhile. There is something very relaxing in being able to just sit back and watch somebody else’s creative mind at work, along with the talented individuals that act it out.

When movies are made, the entire process is often very non-sequential for the actors. During filming, the actors only have to memorize their lines and blocking for a certain day or period of time. What they have to memorize may really jump around from day-to day. They may be working on the ending one day and the beginning the next. Their memorization revolves around what scenes are scheduled.

In stage acting, the actors have to memorize their lines and the blocking for the entire play all at once. This takes an immense amount of concentration and memory skills. It is certainly something that gets easier with time, but it is hard work, no doubt. This is why plays are performed from start-to-finish day after day, to make sure that all the actors are comfortable in their part.

Those who are interested in an acting career can look into acting classes. These are a great way to start feeling out where your talent lies.

Some people seem born to be actors. They have a natural talent that has been there for as long as anyone can remember. They can display a wide range of emotions and really get an audience involved in the play. But even these “natural actors” face the difficulty of this career.

Acting is not an easy profession. No matter what you may think when you see movie stars in all their glamour, it is not an easy career to get into, and a fickle one to be in once you are there.

Most actors go through years of showing up to every acting audition they can get to and taking small parts in obscure productions before they get a shot at a big role. This takes a lot of will to do. You can’t let it get you down when you don’t get a callback. You have to set your eyes on the goal and never, ever let anything stop you.

Once you are in the acting world, you have to constantly work to improve yourself. “Good enough” never cuts it here. If the audience tires of you, your career will be done. Actors and actresses often indulge in costmetic surgery and even human hair wigs to improve their look.

So, knowing everything that has to go into this career, you need to really step back and ask yourself if you are ready for it. If the answer is yes, which we hope it will be, then you can start taking steps to get yourself to where you want to be.

We hope that we have answered some of your questions here and that you will explore the rest of the site and the wealth of information therein. Please check back for updates and improvements to our site.


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