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Music saves the day
The buzz is out. Word on the street is “Orbison: Only the Lonely, a musical tribute to Roy Orbison” is another successful installation of the SLO Little Theatre’s popular “Legends Series.” New Times thought this was a perfect time to speak with writer, producer, and director Mary Meserve, who’s been instrumental in developing this series, which by all accounts has saved the SLO Little Theatre from financial ruin.

More Light Than Heat
“When I first met him,” says costume designer Albert Wolsky about Ask the Dust star Colin Farrell, “he had long hair and was wearing those grungy jeans. After they took him into hair and makeup, and he put on the suit I’d made, he was transformed into a young man living in the Thirties.”

Have roles changed for male actors?
After nearly a quarter of a century of presenting films about every aspect of Asian and Asian-American culture, organizers of the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival decided that there was one subject they needed to put under the microscope.

Two of Broadway's best arrive
'Thoroughly Modern Millie,' 'Mark Twain Tonight!' staged

Oscar snub of Brokeback shameful
What do the Oscars tell us about life? Nothing, of course. “Winning the Academy Award,” as Paddy Chayefsky once famously told Vanessa Redgrave, “is not a pivotal moment in history.”

Young actors, ancient love
Morgan Chard plays Cleopatra to Patrick Moltane's Marc Antony in the Shakespearean tragedy at the Hilberry Theatre. (NICOLE GRAM)

How to Find a Talent Agent
As long as they are legitimate, it is not that some talent agencies are bad and some are good as much as different agencies will serve different purposes for different clients

How to Find Acting Parts
There are parts to play for actors in all categories

How To Get Into Modeling
In the entertainment industry, it is recommended that every performer should find a good agent. Models work in all kinds of settings.

How To Get Started In The Music Industry
So you want to get started in the music industry.

How to Select a Good Monologue
There is not one particular monologue that is best for everyone – besides, casting directors would get terribly sick of hearing the same thing, over and over again. How many times could they really listen to “To be or not to be,” anyhow?

How to Start Acting
How to start acting… how do you get into the acting business?

What Makes a Good Actor?
What makes a good actor? Depending on whom you talk to, the answer to this question will vary greatly. Why? People simply have different opinions. There are even people that think Keanu Reeves is the best actor ever – clearly, people have different ideas as to what makes a good actor.

How to Find Movie Casting Calls
Sometimes finding movie casting calls can be a real challenge. Here are some tips on how to find movie casting calls:
· Online

How to Find Open Casting Calls
Not all casting calls are open to everyone.

How to find singing gigs
If you are part of a band you can always try local bars and private clubs.

Acting Agent
Before you go out and find yourself an acting agent, it is best if you first know what one is.

Acting and Modeling
Joke: What does a person do when she fails at modeling? She becomes an actor. What does a person do who is very successful in modeling? She becomes a bad actor.

Acting auditions
The audition itself is a refined and specialized performance that requires preparation

Acting Camps
As many of us know, great actors are not born, they are made

Acting career
Why would someone choose acting as a career?

Acting Classes
Even though you already have acting talent, do not be insulted at the suggestion of taking acting classes to improve your skills.

Acting Education
To learn how to become a movie extra, find acting jobs, and get working in showbiz, you will probably need at least some acting education.

Acting industry
If you want to get into the acting industry, you first need to learn about it.

Acting Jobs
In both the early and in the later stages of your career, it may be hard to find work as an actor

Young Models
You know that your child is beautiful. Sure, all parents think that their children are beautiful, but you know that yours really is

Acting lessons
"Become" the audience.

Acting Resources
There are many resources that will help improve your acting skills which can be found on-line or at your local library.

Acting Workshop
The best way to improve a skill is to practice.

Audition Basics
Here are some audition basics—rules of thumb every actor should know for his or her auditions

Child acting
The phrase “child actor can be applied generally to any child acting in movies or television, but is also used to describe adults who, as a child, had an acting career.

Film Acting
Film acting has a whole different array of skills and practices than does the stage. Film acting covers a wide range of situations.

Film Festivals
As a film maker, there are few things you can do to promote your project better than involvement in film festivals

Jobs for actors
obs for actors fall into many categories—extras, theatre, community theatre, independent films and television. Talent agencies often play a vital role in the success of an actor.

Live Theater
Film actors, TV actors, and live theater actors all have talent, but it is, perhaps, live theater actors that deserve the most credit. If a live theater actor messes up his lines, there is no going back, he can only go forward and hope for the best. Film and TV actors can do a retake, even when filming in front of a live audience.

Improv is improvisation on the stage.

Careers in Acting
Careers in acting are very varied.

Acting Information
Acting information can be hard to come by

Acting Opportunities
If you are looking for acting opportunities for your child, you don’t have to go to Hollywood or Broadway.

Acting Organizations
Acting organizations are institutions that provide helpful instruction to improve your acting skills, assistance for achieving your goals as an actor such as finding managers and auditions.

Actors Casting
An actor must be prepared if he or she hopes to not only make it to a casting call, but to be invited back. When your agent gives you that phone call you’ve been waiting for saying you are wanted for an audition, have a checklist ready.

Actors Wanted
If you are looking into becoming an actor, one avenue that may not have come to mind yet is that of a “voice actor.” Some voice actors begin as children and are the voices of some of your favorite cartoon characters.

Casting Talent
What is the typical life of a casting agent like?

Drama forum
Drama forum allows you to network with filmmakers and other actors.

Drama message board
Drama message board is a good place to meet other actors, casting directors and producers.

Modeling forum
Modeling forum is your resource for the special needs of models.








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