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Acting auditions

The audition itself is a refined and specialized performance that requires preparation. Contemplate what it is that drives you to be an actor. One of the elements no doubt is “passion” for the art of acting. The passion that comes from within is what will sustain you through numerous acting auditions. Passion for your craft is what will keep you coming back when the disillusionment of rejection takes its indiscriminate swipe. Prepare yourself as an actor by realizing that rejection comes with the territory. It is part of the business. Do not take it personally. Acting auditions can be brutal. Develop and cultivate the attitude that the more rejections you rack up, the closer you are to success statistically. Cultivate your passion. Your passion for acting will keep you coming back to the next audition and the next one and the next until you have that well deserved moment of being selected for the part.

You cannot go into an audition without having prepared. Preparation will be a deciding component to your success. Much is demanded of an actor. In fact, much more is demanded of an actor than in almost any other profession. An actor must have the physical stamina required not only for the part, but also for the hours of work that the stage requires. An actor must develop grace and presence. These qualities take time and effort to acquire. An actor must develop the art of language, diction and versatility. The serious actor is one for whom preparation is a never-ending quest.

An actor who is well prepared for an audition is one who explores the options of education. Find classes. Find the actors in your community. Find the books that will teach you what you need to know. Study also the characters of your favorite novels. Learn to get into their psyche. Even if you do not have access to formal training, you can learn a lot simply by determination, effort and self-discipline.

“Never, never, never give up.” This famous quote by Winston Churchill should become your personal mantra. You must persevere, and you must cultivate patience. Learn the art of pacing. Pace yourself for the steady perseverance that will require you to begin again and again and again for as long as it takes and as many times as it takes.

If acting is your passion, accept now that you may never achieve fame and success. The act and craft of becoming an actor lies with you at the core. Recognize the point at which you cease the though process of “becoming” an actor, and learn the state of “being” an actor. In this state of mind, you will achieve success of various and deepening dimensions in the realm of the acting audition. by Selia Franco Pender

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