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Acting career

Question: Why would someone choose acting as a career?

Answer: Every actor and actress will answer this differently, because acting is different for everyone, as are the reasons for doing it. For some, yes, it is about the fame and the money, but these actors are not in the majority. Some actors love pretending that they are someone else. Some actors have simply found that their talent is portraying characters and crying on cue, so they have gone with it. Some actors see acting more as playtime than as work – it is like they never even had to grow up. These are only a few of the many answers that an actor will give to this question. Some people simply “knew” their entire lives that they wanted to become actors.

Question: What amount of education is necessary to start an acting career?

Answer: In the traditional sense of education, none is necessary. Of course, it is hard to play the role of a person during the Depression or a person in another culture, etc. if you do not know anything about that era or that culture. And, of course, acting classes can be very helpful. Not everyone is simply born with a natural talent in acting. It is something that must be worked at. If you want to be able to reproduce what you see and learn about people when you are acting, you need to study people and practice being people. A lot of learning about acting comes from being on the job. And it certainly never hurts to go to school.

Question: What are the perks of having an acting career?

Answer: The perks of acting are different for everyone. There are many struggling actors out there who’s only perk is that they are doing what they love. It is hard for some actors to even get into the Screen Actors Guild (a union for actors) to receive benefits. But, for actors with great acting careers, there are a lot of perks. In fact, if a very famous and well-off could easily retire if he simply invest his money well – of course, that require him to quit doing something that he likely loves. There are great perks like fan mail, interviews, magazines (these are also some of the downsides to having a great acting career). Also, once you have made a name for yourself, you can be choosier when picking out roles to play. You can also take off more time and vacation.

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