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Acting Classes

Even though you already have acting talent, do not be insulted at the suggestion of taking acting classes to improve your skills. Acting classes will enhance your acting ability, explain the casting process to you; prepare you for what to expect at auditions and interviews.

Acting technique is always something to refine—even for the most successful Hollywood actors. The reason that some of these celebrities are not enrolled in acting classes, is because they often work up to fourteen hours a day and experience can teach you a lot—so can the talented directors they work with.

· Aim for classes with more experienced and well-known teachers, who can better mold your acting abilities. Simply put: the better the teacher the better the results—try to find a class where whole scenes are rehearsed and acted out—a class where the pace of the class gives you time to become intimate with your character

· For established actors, advanced classes will give you the tools to help you manage your career. It may seem unnecessary and may even be humbling for you, but it will keep your acting abilities polished and refined both during and between jobs.

· Some acting classes that are offered will not only provide you with skills you can use on the set—but can give you advice for developing the other tools needed to succeed in your career. Some classes or guidance counselors at acting schools will help recommend talent agencies, and may even be able to provide access to exclusive casting calls. If your progress is substantial ands your abilities are strong, the “big” auditions you weren’t sure you were ready for may be just around the corner. And fortunately, there are acting classes out there who can find those auditions for you.

If you have never taken acting classes before, but have been in many plays such as high school plays, community theatre, extras in minor films or TV shows etc, you may not want to take the time to enroll in an acting class. However, acting classes can help you fine-tune your abilities and there are even classes that will help polish your prepared monologues.

Remember, there is more to acting than just talent. There is also a degree of professionalism involved. In acting classes you will learn things like this:
· How to create and update your resume.
· How to get the best headshots and when and where to get new ones.
· Always have two monologues prepared—in case you have the opportunity to say “oh there is one more piece I’ve been working on”—so a casting director will know you are dedicated to the art.

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