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Acting Information

Acting information can be hard to come by. Here is a little bit of acting information to get you on your way. Read through brief explanations on finding a talent agent, headshots, acting coaches and improv theater.

Finding a Talent Agent

One of the first things you should do if you are an aspiring actor is to find a good talent agent. You want to be able to find a talent agent that will represent you and your best interest. In the business of show business, it is all about who you know. You want to be sure that you find a talent agent that knows lots of people in the business – if your talent agent knows lots of casting directors, producers, and other important people, it is much more likely that he will be able to get you that first audition.

When looking for a talent agent, be sure to find out about more than one. You can decide which talent agents to talk to by checking with your peers and seeing which talent agents they use and how well they are treated, etc. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the talent agency. Ask your prospective talent agent about other models and actors that he has represented and how well they are doing and what they have done.


You want to be sure to have a good headshot – your headshot, paired with your resume, is often all that casting directors will know about you when deciding whether or not to let you audition for a part. You want to be sure to get a headshot that shows who you really are – you certainly do not want a glamour shot. You want to have one serious shot and one headshot in which you are smiling – you can send in whichever headshot you think fits best with the sort of role you are trying to get.

A headshot is often just of the head, but sometimes it is of the head and shoulders. If you are planning on trying out for parts in which body type is important, you should get a headshot that includes your torso, as well.

Acting Coaches

Even the best actors still take acting classes and consult acting coaches when they can. An actor’s technique can always be improved on. An actor’s style is ever-changing. An acting coach can really help an actor prepare for an audition or a role. It is a good idea to use an acting coach whether you are an aspiring actor or an age-old actor.

This has only been a small bit of acting information, but hopefully it is enough to give you and idea of the acting information out there that you can find and use. Everyone can use a little bit of extra acting information.

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