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Acting Jobs

In both the early and in the later stages of your career, it may be hard to find work as an actor. I hope the following tips help you succeed at your next audition.

· Arrive about 15 minutes early. You never know what kind of trouble (traffic, etc.) you may run into. Being early will also give you time to warm up.

· Pack your bag with a book and a bottle of water. There may be waiting, and just sitting there, maybe getting thirsty, is not going to help you.

· Be nice to everyone there. You might not realize whether the person you are speaking to may be influential in the casting process.

· Do not be intimidated by the other people there. No matter how many there are, they are competing for the same job. Keep up your confidence.

· Wear comfortable clothes, you should look neat, but not too fancied up. Make sure you can move around the room without being limited by a coat and tie or fancy dress.

· Do not wear a costume. Your outfit can suggest the character such as a high-collar blouse for a period piece, but don't get all dressed up.

· Do not wear too much cologne or perfume

· Find background information on the company you are auditioning for—be familiar with their work. This will help you find a monologue to audition with.

· If you are auditioning for a musical, bring clean copies of your music for the accompanist. You want the pages to be free of stray marks and coffee stains.

· Make sure your resume is firmly attached to your headshot. If possible, photocopy or print your resume to the back of the headshot—never staple! Headshots with staples can get tangled in a pile. One page is plenty.

· Make sure that the headshot/resume you bring along is no larger than 8 1/2" by 11". This will fit into a folder.

· Remember to smile. If you are nervous, take a deep breath and try to relax. Recognize that you are not going to get every job you audition for, but can learn from every experience.

· Definitely do not ask if you will get a callback. And if you do get called back, wear the same outfit as during your audition. It will help them remember you.

So remember these tips, relax, and go out there and get some work!

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