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Acting Opportunities

If you are looking for acting opportunities for your child, you don’t have to go to Hollywood or Broadway.

The best acting opportunities may be right under your nose in your own city. Children’s Theater companies provide rich and wonderful experiences for young actors. Performances usually draw packed audiences.

Find out which children’s theater companies are located in your area and what the criterion is for your child to become part of the troupe.

Many children’s theater companies hold regular workshops and theater festivals. Find out about auditions. It could be your child’s acting opportunity.

Children interested in broadening their chances for acting opportunities will improve their chances by becoming multi talented performers. A way to get started is by taking classes in:

· Tap
· Voice
· Improvisation
· Ballet
· Acting

Children should also look into what is available in their local school. Does the school have a drama club? Maybe this is a great opportunity for your child to suggest starting a drama club in his or her school.

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