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Actors Wanted

If you are looking into becoming an actor, one avenue that may not have come to mind yet is that of a “voice actor.” Some voice actors begin as children and are the voices of some of your favorite cartoon characters.

Charles Shultz was one of the first to pioneer the actual use of children actors for the voices of his Peanuts Gang Christmas special. “A Charlie Brown Christmas” went on to become a holiday favorite that remains a best seller today.

People interested in becoming voice actors sometimes make the mistake of saying they are not interested in becoming an actor. They will go on to say that they are more interested in cartoons than in acting, but great cartoon voice actors will tell you that someone with that mindset will not work in the voice business. It’s the acting that will get a voice job. Becoming a good voice actor is a skill that takes time and effort to acquire.

Start paying attention not only to the “Actors Wanted” signs, but also to the “Voice Actors Wanted” positions.

It takes real acting to be a voice actor. The voices behind the characters should have substance and be graced with real acting. Do not approach voice acting as if you are just doing cute, cartoon voices. Make the characters real in your head and the voice will come out with substance behind it.

How to Audition:

· Expect Rejection. It is part of an actor’s life
· Learn to enjoy the process
· Show off your unique skills
· Use facial expressions to match your voice
· Become the character in body and mind
· Listen to voices around you to inspire

Study acting. Practice acting. Go to lots of auditions. You’ll soon learn that the voice actor has a great opportunity in the phrase “Actors Wanted!”

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