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Film Festivals

As a film maker, there are few things you can do to promote your project better than involvement in film festivals. Film festivals typically last for a short period of time, such as over a week, during which many films are shown to a participating audience.

There are a variety of types of film festivals, some featuring different films produced in a given year from a country or of a certain film genre. These events include both full-length feature films as well as two and three minute pieces and documentaries.

The competition is rigorous in film festivals, and the process in being selected to be part of the program is a close one. Film makers must submit the film to a particular organization, and afterwards the selection committee decides which category the film will be in. There are also certain categories in film festivals which are set aside for film schools and those new to the industry.

Some of the major film festivals of the world are:

· Cannes Film Festival in France
· London Film Festival
· Edinburgh Film Festival
· Toronto Film festival
· Sundance Festival in Utah

And there are plenty of other film festivals held throughout the world which showcase both professionals and amateurs of the industry. They provide a wonderful means of getting your work seen by anyone of importance in the buying and selling of films.

Attendance of major film festivals is usually only by invitation, and the whole event is not completely enjoyable. Typically, your experience at film festivals will involve watching over 200 films within a two-week period.

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