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How to Find Acting Parts

There are parts to play for actors in all categories. One can start as an extra in a film or TV show, he or she can get involved in community theatre, there are also independent films and television. Talent agencies often play a vital role in the success of an actor looking for parts to suit him or her. An agent will represent clients for work as extras in films or television, as well as lead and principal roles. Remember, it is often best to start small and work your way up.

Whether you are looking for substantial parts in commercials, modeling, television, films or theatre, a talent agent is important to secure for your self. If you have never had a talent agent before, consider what kind of work you want to do and what kind of talent agency is best suited to provide you with a talent agent who can find you auditions in that kind of work. Few actors spend their entire professional life with one agent. Do not be afraid to hire a new talent agent if you find one who will work better with you.

You may want to seriously consider joining an actors union. The union, along with your acting agent can help you find auditions for the parts you want. Becoming a union member will make your search for parts much easier and allow you to obtain more experience as an actor.

The best parts for actors are rarely obtained without a strong resume, which includes good headshots. Get a professional photographer for these—do not try to do it yourself. If you have little experience—find parts that will help you build up that resume. Even small parts, especially parts like extras in large, productions like films or TV, will look very good on your resume. Even if you get very little screen time, you will be on the same set as directors and celebrities, and in the end, your name will be there when the credits roll. Lots of actors find parts as extras through unions or acting schools. You can even try auditioning for the smaller roles like: J Smith as “Angry man in the store”

Of course the only way to get parts as an actor is to audition. There are several rules of thumb for auditioning. The most important secret is to have two monologues perfectly polished and prepared when you go in to audition. Even though almost every audition calls for only one monologue. If you have two and the director asks if you have anything else you can say, “yes, there is another piece I have been working on,” and perform it perfectly. This shows the director right away that you are a dedicated and talented actor.

The best parts are always the hardest to get to. From open auditions to auditions offering jobs that are invite only (which your agent can usually find for you). However, there are many actors out there who have landed large parts with ease and their careers have grown steadily from there. So who is to say? At least you have some info now on how to find acting parts.

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