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How to Find a Talent Agent

As long as they are legitimate, it is not that some talent agencies are bad and some are good as much as different agencies will serve different purposes for different clients. If you are looking for a good talent agent, be sure to look for one who specializes in your specific talent—whether it is singing, acting, dancing, modeling or all of the above. Check out the agencies that have had the kind of success with their clients that you hope to achieve for yourself. Some agencies will claim to be legitimate and will only be a scam. So find out the truth about how to find a talent agent by the reputation of the agency.

Talent agents will search for work depending on the client. Acting agencies can help you find both union and non-union work. Some acting agencies will have a lot of agents working for them, and in some agencies there will be only one or two. Sometimes the larger the agency the less personal attention you will get. However, a talent agent from a larger agency can also be the kind of agent who will work very hard for you.

Choosing a talent agent is something to be done with great care. If you find yourself dissatisfied with your talent agent, you can always find another one.

You need to find exactly what you are looking for in a talent agent. However, that talent agent also needs to find what he or she is looking for in a client—most agents will not het paid until you get booked. Make sure to keep in constant touch with your talent agent, and continue to polish your skill(s). Finding the right talent agent might be the best thing you can do to become the performer you want to be.

Your talent agent may be quick to recommend that you become a union member.
Whether you are looking for small parts to start you out, or larger roles in film, theatre or television—you will need the right talent agent to find you auditions you may not otherwise be able to find.

Ask questions and learn certain facts about the talent agencies you are considering before you choose one:
· Does the talent agency maintain a large or a small roster? There are advantages to both.
· Will the talent agent pay close attention to your career, or simply act as a booking agent for you?
· Is it important to your talent agent that you succeed?
· Does the talent agent have a history with any celebrities? How far did that celebrity go with this particular agent before moving on to another agent?

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