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How to Find Open Casting Calls

Not all casting calls are open to everyone. In fact, there are many casting calls that are invite only—or specific to a particular group i.e. only union or only non-union etc. However, if you know where to look, you may be able to find more open casting calls than you would think.
· Online
Surprisingly enough—I have seen open casting calls have actually posted online. I have seen sites that offer open casting calls for movies like the Harry Potter series X Men 3 and several other sites that will help register the aspiring actor for open casting calls to audition to be in the movies. Some of these sites are great to register to and will send you information regularly regarding open casting calls. I was able to find casing calls for a "Rocky" Sequel, an open casting call for a Ben Stiller Movie called "Night at the Museum", Castle Rock Film posted an open casting call for a movie called "Chaos Theory", as well as an open casting call for a Bruce Willis Film coming out soon called "Perfect Stranger". Such websites give the direct time and place, list compensation and a list and brief description of the particular parts they are looking for. If you do not live there, you may have to travel to New York, Hollywood, London or somewhere else to audition—but it may be worth it.
· Acting Schools and Institutions
Acting schools or institutions may have sources for finding open casting calls. There may be bulletin boards in such acting schools or institutions announcing open casting calls that someone unaffiliated with that institution or school would not otherwise see.

· Brochures or Public Bulletins
When I was a teenager, an older friend of mine found a bulletin for an open casting call for teenagers with acting and singing talent to get parts in the choir in the movie “Sister Act 2”. My friend gathered up a bunch of teenagers she knew and we all drove to the open casting call. It was, to say the least, intimidating. The audition took place in the ballroom of a large, local hotel and they lined a few hundred of us up along the walls. A woman stood in the center of the room and walked around the room among all the talented (or untalented) hopefuls. The first part of the audition was the singing. Then, if you made it that far, the acting audition, which would be cold reading only. She walked around the room and when she pointed at you, you would sing the song you had prepared until the woman said either “thank you” or “stay”. If she said “thank you”, well you didn’t make it to the second round, but if she said “stay”, you would remain to do the acting part of the audition.

Open casting calls can be very intimidating, there might be hundreds upon hundreds of people there—and they all want the same thing as you do: to be cast in the production. Try to stay confident and do your best. Confidence is the real key to a good audition.

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