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How To Get Into Modeling

In the entertainment industry, it is recommended that every performer should find a good agent. Models work in all kinds of settings. They are seen in print, anywhere between the highest fashion editorial and magazines to catalogues, flyers, posters, and billboards. And they are seen in shows.

First, as a model you must have a good portfolio. Hire a professional photographer—don’t try to do it with help from a friend or an amateur. Your portfolio will be the main thing that helps a potential agent decide whether or not to take you on as a model. The other thing will be your grace and movement, and sometimes your height (especially for a runway model).

Without an agent to promote you, i.e. recommend you to fashion photography studios, connect you with advertising agencies, introduce you to coordinators of shows etc. it is very hard for a model to get work.

A modeling agent can be found in one of two ways:

First, as the saying goes “it is all about the connections”—So you can go to someone else who has the connections and expertise to market you. You could find a model scout, an imaging service, or model placement or development service.

Secondly, You can always go solo, but do some research first.
Modeling agencies tend to have an open door screenings of potential models. There will at least be a time set aside every month or so by an agency for unsigned models. Here you can show your portfolio, and meet briefly with an agent. The agency will try to see as many potential models as possible—but many will be turned away. It is always best to be prepared and be professional. Bring a portfolio, and be confident and relaxed going in.

Modeling agencies are not all looking for the same image or “look”. After an open screening, you may be advised that you have potential, but to try again later. They may advise you to find a better photographer and improve your portfolio—which may not be a bad idea. But do not be discouraged. Go to more screenings—get a second opinion. Some places are looking for a model with a different look or style—which may turn out to be your look, your style.

Model Development Services
Going solo you can possibly get started using a modeling scout, an imaging and placement service, or a modeling school. These professionals will help select the best look for you. They can assemble the photographer, artist and stylist most likely to bring out your best.

If an agent offers to represent you, you must decide if that is the agent you want. You do not have to rush in; if you are marketable today, you will be marketable next week.

If you have the right look, then you have what the market wants. Remember, you have the responsibility of maintaining your physical condition by exercise, nutrition, skin care, hair care, and a healthy lifestyle. Do not slack on these things, they could make all the difference. We hope we’ve been able to help you learn more about how to get into modeling.

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