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What Makes a Good Actor?

What makes a good actor? Depending on whom you talk to, the answer to this question will vary greatly. Why? People simply have different opinions. There are even people that think Keanu Reeves is the best actor ever – clearly, people have different ideas as to what makes a good actor.

A good actor can be broken down into some basic pieces (and while they are being broken down, they can cry on cue! Just kidding.) A good actor is made up partly of skill and technique. Another big important part of a good actor is a certain talent for self-expression and performance. A good actor also needs to know what it takes to be successful. And, although it is rarely mentioned, looks are also an important part of an actor.

A good actor does not necessarily have to be drop-dead-gorgeous. In fact, for some parts, it is better if an actor is not beautiful. A good actor will be able to change his or her looks to suit a role. A good actor will be able to change his or her looks with make-up and wardrobe, but also with expression and demeanor.

A good actor needs to be able to express himself well. What’s more, he needs to be able to express what his character is feeling and to express his character well. There are many skills and techniques that an actor can use to play a character well. There is also something inherent in a good actor that allows him to play a character well – not everyone is born with great acting talent and great self-expression and performance. It is something that can be worked on with hours of training, classes, and experience, but only the truly talented can perfect a character.

One, less-oft thought of piece of what makes a good actor is knowing how to be successful. A great actor is going to have a great business sense – yes, a good actor can have a good agent to have this great business sense, instead, but it is best if an actor really knows it herself.

Acting may seem like a mystical thing, but in the end, acting is just a business, not just as art. To be a good actor, you need to know how to promote yourself as an actor. To get a good agent, you need to be able to promote yourself as a good actor. To impress casting directors and producers, you are going to need to know how to promote yourself. You need to know how to promote yourself professionally.

Of course, besides these basic qualities of an actor – skill, technique, talent, self-expression, performance, and knowing how to be successful – an actor must have an extensive imagination. She must also be very observant and honest. And she must be able to recall all that she has observed in life. She must be able to imagine herself as the part that she is playing and believe it. This is what makes a good actor.

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