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Young Models

You know that your child is beautiful. Sure, all parents think that their children are beautiful, but you know that yours really is. Strangers have even come up to you and said as such. So, why not have your child become a model? She is just as beautiful as the young models that you see in magazine ads, and you think that she would enjoy it… why shouldn’t your child become a young model?

First of all, before you have your child become a young model, know that modeling is tough – young models have very demanding schedules and work that affect both the model and her parents. Young models also have to learn to deal with rejection. Before having your child try to become a young model, be sure that she is easy going and comfortable in front of strangers.

Here is how to get your child to become a young model:

· To become a young model with lots of work opportunities, you need to live where work is often available. You may be able to find young model work in smaller metropolitan areas, but the top place for young models are New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago.
· A young model needs a good agent. You may act as your child’s manager, but she will still need an agent to get her good jobs. You want to contact reputable modeling agencies and send them a statement of interest (your young model will most likely not have enough background to build up a resume) and some (2-3) photos of your child. You should also be sure to include information of your child’s age, hair color, eye color, and shoe size, etc. You can put this information on the back of each photograph.
· When an modeling agency offers you an appointment, go and visit it. If you do not hear back from any of the modeling agencies, go check them out in person and hear from them directly before giving up.
· When you show up at a modeling agency, be sure to be on time and be prepared with the question you have. You can always try a different modeling agency if you do not feel comfortable with the first one you visit.
· Before you sign a contract for your young model make sure that you read it over thoroughly and understand every aspect of it. Understand the fees and how they are paid – a modeling agency will usually take 20 to 25 percent of what the young model makes.
· Be aware that you may visit multiple “go-sees” before your young model ever lands a job. Make sure you ask the modeling agency how you should dress your child for these appointments. If your child is very young, be sure that you bring along items to entertain her so that she stays happy.
· Make sure that you and your child are prepared for rejection

If your child does not seem to enjoy being a young model, then let her quit. Do not force modeling on your child just because it is something you want her to do. On the other hand, if your child really wants to become a young model, keep at it. Do everything you can to turn your child into a young model.

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